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As we expand our ministry at The Meeting House, there are a variety of exciting opportunities to join our staff team. If you would like to apply for one of the positions, please review the position description on the PDF link, then forward your resume and cover letter to Please be sure to indicate the position you're applying for in the subject line of your email.

Thanks for your interest in joining the team at The Meeting House.

Full-time positions

Lead Pastor (various sites in Ontario)

The Lead Pastor is the key point person at one of our “sites.” The number of people at our sites on a Sunday morning ranges from about 150 to 600 people. The average site has 300 to 400 adults, youth and children in attendance. The Lead Pastor has primary responsibility over the spiritual health of the people at their site. At The Meeting House, we believe that people grow in their faith through community – home church.

Lead Pastor Role Description (PDF)

Compassion Manager

The Compassion Manager co-leads the Compassion Ministry, working closely and collaboratively with their counterpart. Each Compassion Manager manages specific partners, programs, initiatives, and the necessary organizational and logistical support to implement initiatives across the organization.

Compassion Manager (PDF)

Part-time positions

Downtown Toronto Weekend Service Producer

The primary way people hear our message is by attending one of our weekend services. The effectiveness of these services and the teams that support them directly impacts people’s ability to hear the message and consider its implications for their lives. The Weekend Service Producer is responsible to ensure all weekend service teams are effective in creating a welcoming, high quality, and well-organized weekend service experience that is fully aligned with the vision and strategy of The Meeting House.

Downtown Toronto Weekend Service Producer Role Description (PDF)

Summer Internships

kidmax Summer Intern

The kidmax Intern will work with the Oakville Kids Ministry Pastors to learn the ins and outs of children’s ministry in a large church environment. This individual will meet on a regular basis with the Cross Regional Kids Pastor for training, feedback, and encouragement. The goal of this internship is to provide practical ministry experience and intentional leadership development opportunities in several contexts at The Meeting House.

kidmax Summer Intern Role Description (PDF)

Site Support Summer Intern

The Site Support department exists to support our 18 sites. The important work we do enables our Lead Pastors to minister more effectively to their local communities. The Site Support Summer Intern will work closely with all members of the team to provide meaningful logistics and support for kidmax, youth, and weekend service ministries. The goal of this internship is to provide practical, hands-on site support and logistics experience. This individual will meet on a regular basis with the site support staff team for teambuilding, growth, and leadership development.

Site Support Summer Intern Role Description (PDF)

Communications Summer Intern

The Communications Intern will work with the full-time Communications staff team to help shape, plan for, and implement great communications materials, with an emphasis on graphic design. This individual will meet on a regular basis with the Communications staff team for team building, growth, and leadership development discussion throughout the course of their internship. The goal of this internship is to provide practical, hands-on Communications experience.

Communications Summer Intern Role Description (PDF)