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We believe that God is ultimately relational and, as the staff of The Meeting House, we should be all about building relationships too. Come and get to know us. Feel free to contact any of our staff if you have questions or concerns. If you are close to one of our regional sites, be sure to contact the Lead Pastor in your area.


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  • Lisa Ball

    Lisa Ball

    Oakville Grade 1-5 kidmax Coordinator (on parental leave) | Kidmax, Pastoral
    Tel.: 905.287.7051

  • Andrea Bankova

    Andrea Bankova

    Communications Administrator | Communications
    Tel.: 905.287.7012

  • Lucas Belem

    Lucas Belem

    Site Support Assistant and Purchaser | Operations
    Tel.: 905.287.7000

  • Cory Bell

    Cory Bell

    Oakville Youth Pastor | Pastoral, Youth
    Tel.: 905.510.3214

  • Karmyn Bokma

    Karmyn Bokma

    Oakville Associate Lead Pastor | Pastoral
    Tel.: 905.802.0044

  • Alex Briere

    Alex Briere

    Video Editor | Communications
    Tel.: 226.218.1117

  • Lisa Brown

    Lisa Brown

    Curriculum Support Administrator | Operations
    Tel.: 905.287.7053

  • Kate Brown

    Kate Brown

    Oakville Community Pastor | Pastoral
    Tel.: 905.287.7044

  • Carolynn Bucek

    Carolynn Bucek

    Oakville Project Planner & Administrator | Pastoral
    Tel.: 905.287.7036

  • Natalie Burtch

    Natalie Burtch

    Oakville Technical Coordinator | Operations