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  • Mon 20 Oct

    ISIS, Islam and Jesus

    ISIS, Islam and Jesus

    ISIS, Islam and Jesus

    Starts November 2 in Oakville and November 9 in Regional Sites

    Everyone is talking about ISIS. Bring your friends, and the conversation here for our upcoming series on ISIS, Islam and Jesus
    Cities overthrown. masses driven from their homes. Thousands killled. Women taken as slaves. How should we respond?

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  • Fri 03 Oct

    Jr. & Sr. High Fall Retreat

    theUNDERGROUND Fall Retreat


    Jr. & Sr. High Fall Retreat
    October 31 to November 2
    Muskoka Woods Sports Resort youthretreat

    theUNDERGROUND Fall Retreat is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited!! Retreats leave a lasting impact in so many ways – from friendships formed while taking the bus up, memories made while exploring nature and playing ridiculous games, to significant life-change that comes out of moments of reflection, teaching,...

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  • Fri 03 Oct

    Big Buts of the Bible: October teaching series

    Big Buts of the Bible


    The Before & After Difference Jesus Makes

    Starts October 5 in Oakville and October 12 in Regional Sites

    Before and after images are some of the Bible’s best tools for conveying the radical change that Jesus brings. From law to grace, from animal sacrifice to living sacrifice, from enemies to friends. Often these before and after images are expressed verbally as: This is how it was, BUT now this is how it is. Join us while we explore some of the biggest...

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  • Sun 31 Aug

    FROSH: September teaching series

    FROSH: Surviving & Thriving at TMHU
    FROSH: Surviving and Thriving at TMHU

    Oakville: September 7 to 28
    Regional Sites: September 14 to October 5

    September is a time of new beginnings, especially when it comes to education. Life at The Meeting House is no different and we’re looking forward to this survival guide to campus life at TMHU! We’ll cover how to make the most out of course lectures, learning groups, homework, campus clubs, and social opportunities.  Don’t sit on the sidelines!...

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  • Mon 11 Aug

    UBUNTU--August teaching series

    Ubuntu: I am because we are

    UBUNTU: I am because we are

    Starts August 17 in Oakville August 24 in Regional Sites

    The Church exists because of what God has done for each of us but the life of a Jesus-follower is not a solo endeavour. We are linked together as a body, designed for serving each other and those around us. Join us as we spend three weeks meeting people doing just that with First Nation communities, new Canadians and people living with a disability. You’ll be inspired by the life-changing stories....

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  • Tue 22 Jul

    Africa Learning Teams

    Africa Learning Teams

    Africa Learning Teams

    Malawi -- July 24 to August 6
    Lesotho -- August 2-14 africalearningteams

    Two Africa Learning Teams are travelling to southern Africa this summer. You can follow their journey using the prayer guides online at the link above to through regular Facebook posts.

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  • Mon 30 Jun

    Theology After Party

    Theology After Party

    Theology After Party

    6:00-7:00 pm | Every Sunday through August 10
    Oakville site | 2700 Bristol Circle

    Each Sunday evening during the We Believe series, Bruxy is hosting a Theology After Party that will discuss the teaching from that Sunday in Oakville and provide a time for extended Q&A. The audio is posted every Monday and can be heard by clicking the Drive Home link under each teaching at found at teaching .

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  • Thu 22 May

    Marriage Preparation Workshop

    Marriage Prep Workshop

    Marriage Preparation Workshop

    Friday, June 13 (evening) and Saturday, June 14 (all day)
    Oakville site | 2700 Bristol Circle (use east entrance) marriageprep

    his weekend workshop is for anyone getting married and planning to have a pastor from The Meeting House officiate. The cost if $150 per couple. Sign up online by Monday, June 2.

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  • Wed 21 May

    We Believe teaching series

    We Believe teaching series
    We Believe: Christian Theology

    – Learned, Loved, and Lived

    Starts June 8 in Oakville and June 15 in Regional Sites

    Jesus tells us to love God with our entire mind.  So this summer we’re going back to school.  “Systematic theology” may not sound sexy, yet it is our opportunity to learn to think clearly about what we as Christ-followers hold as core truth.  What does the Bible say about Jesus, Salvation, the Church, and Final Judgment?...

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  • Sun 20 Apr

    Questioning God series

    Questioning God series

    Questioning God: Inviting Seekers, Skeptics and Inquiring Minds

    Starts April 27 in Oakville and  May 4 in Regional Sites

    Life leads to questions, no matter what we believe. Faith in God answers some questions, and raises a host of others. In this series, we embrace that tension. We have identified 10 of the most challenging, unanswered questions about God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Are there compelling answers for those willing to ask?
    1. Why do Christians...

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