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Mon 21 Sep

International Day of Peace: A Reflection


Today is the International Day of Peace. I’m so thankful that today is dedicated to celebrating this universal value. We would all benefit from seeing more of it in our lives.

I can’t help but think about how I am promoting peace in my everyday life. Is my desire to live peacefully evident in my life or do my waking hours contribute to conflict and struggle?  What do I spend my time dwelling on?  Do I focus on how I’ve been done wrong by or how we can all use some forgiveness, myself included?  Do I model to others what it means to live in peaceful ways?  What are our children learning?  Am I helping resolve conflict where I can or am I fueling drama?  Do I resolve misunderstandings that may cause hurt?  Do I seek for innovative and proactive ways to show others I care?  Being a peacemaker isn’t about minding your own business. It’s about actively going out of your way to make peace and maintain peace.

As we take today to reflect on the constant struggle for peace around the world, I’ll leave you with this poem. How are you promoting peace in your life?


World Peace

When wars and conflicts totally cease, 
In our world, there shall be peace. 
People must learn to get along, 
Not blame others, for being wrong.

They fight for control, fight for land, 
Some just need a helping hand. 
We must rid ourselves of vanity, 
And embrace peace, through humanity.

Wars make children so much tougher, 
Lose their innocence, while they suffer. 
We should fight for peace instead, 
Love not war, we should spread.


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