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Mon 14 Sep

It Begins With Trust

Fall Kickoff

We are finally into Fall Kickoff mode here at The Meeting House, and so many great things are underway across all of our sites this month.  One of the things I am most excited about is our new teaching series The Fellowship of the King.  As a church, we have spent a lot of time over the past few months talking about discipleship, and I’m excited about digging into discipleship and what it means for us to live as disciples of Jesus over the next five weeks.  

When I think about how to define discipleship, a helpful question to ask is,  “What is my next step?”  It doesn’t matter where you are on your faith journey; whether you’re still figuring out who Jesus is, or if you’ve been a Christian for 40 years– the mark of a disciple is someone who continues to learn more and more about Jesus and let Him transform your life, step by step.

Underlying this journey is the principle of trust. Discipleship starts with trust because if we truly want to go deeper with Jesus, we have to step beyond ourselves, and our own strength.  When we live in the world of, “I can do this all by myself, I’ve got this”, we are missing the point of what it means to follow Jesus.

One of my favourite passages in scripture is the story of Peter walking on water  (Matthew 14). Peter and the other disciples are out in their boat and they see Jesus walking on the water (at first they think He’s a ghost) and Peter, being the quick-to-speak disciple that he is, says “Jesus, if that’s you, ask me to come.” And then, when Jesus tells him to come, Peter steps out of the boat and walks on water.  What a beautiful example of how important trust is in discipleship! 

Peter had to take a literal next step that required absolute trust in Jesus, and the incredible thing was that he took it! And if he hadn’t, no one would have judged him, and some may have even said, “yeah, I understand why you didn’t – you need to stay safe!”  But think for a minute, if he hadn’t taken that next step, that required so much trust, he would have missed out on a miracle.  Something incredible that was literally beyond his human capacity.

And I wonder, how often in my own life, do I choose the safe? Are there times where God is inviting me into my next step, only to have me say “I think I’ll say where I am for now.”

What about you?  Can you think of times in your life or faith journey where it felt easier to stay comfortable?  What miracles could we possibly be missing out on because we aren’t taking that next step? Whatever it may be: giving more money away, getting up earlier to read the Bible, talk to the grumpy neighbour over the fence.

The scripture continues by telling us that quickly after experiencing the miracle of walking on water, Peter falters and begins to sink. But immediately, Jesus caught him.  And that is a part of our discipleship journey as well.  Trust isn’t a one-time deal.  Yes, at some point all of us who are Christians began our journey by acknowledging that we trust in Jesus, and start to follow him, but as we continue in our faith walk, it requires an ongoing trust, or our discipleship process becomes stagnant.  If there is a season where we can say that we don’t need to be trusting in God, than we aren’t growing.

So today, think about what discipleship looks like for you.  What next step do you need to take?  And if you aren’t taking it, what is stopping you? In what way are you not trusting that God will take care of you if you follow him?   What incredible thing could you experience if today you chose to trust in Jesus and the truth of his love and power in your life?

Let today be the day of trusting God with your next step as you grow in becoming more and more like Him.  

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