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Over the years, our partnership with World Vision has evolved. Seven years ago, we first started sponsoring Malawi’s communities of Mposa and Chamba.  While we continue to be relationally invested in the partnerships we have with these communities, we have expanded our scope in response to World Vision’s request. Now, your generous giving to the Compassion Fund has also made it possible for us to support World Vision’s Raw Hope program. Raw Hope brings peacebuilding initiatives and tangible support to those living in areas of the world where conflict has occurred for decades. 

To learn more about sponsorship, please keep reading. To learn more about how we partner with Raw Hope, please click here.

At The Meeting House we believe in working together, through intentional and strategic partnerships, with other people and organizations who are already positively influencing and transforming their communities.  

In 2011, The Meeting House began a relationship with World Vision Canada by partnering with two communities in the south-eastern region of Malawi, Mposa and Chamba. Through our partnership we are contributing to World Vision's development efforts in the areas of healthcare, education, economic development, and clean water access and sanitation.
We partner with World Vision Canada through two areas of support: child sponsorship and community gifts. The Meeting House community sponsors approximately 2,000 children in Mposa and Chamba. This support has had lasting positive impact in the lives of the children we sponsor but also within the community at large. We also give community gifts through the Compassion Fund that suppliment the work we partner with through child sponsorship. In the Fall of 2016, we gave $50,000 to a microfinance initiative in Mposa that provided loans to small business owners aimed at strengthening their business and stimulating the local economy.

We invite you to join our partnership by sponsoring a child or giving to the Compassion Fund. We welcome you to pray for the physical and spiritual needs of the individuals, families, community leaders, and World Vision staff in Mposa and Chamba.

For more information about our partnership with World Vision please read the Mposa or Chamba community pages or watch the following video to learn how sponsoring a child can impact a community.

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There are still children in Mposa who need to be sponsored. For about $1 a day, you help provide access to life-saving basics that change their future.

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