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NEWS UPDATE:  Malawi Floods:  Heavy Rains Cause Destruction Across The Country
Please visit the Connecting with Communities pages for the latest information:
Mposa Community Page
Chamba Community Page

Nov / Dec 2014 Sponsorship Update:
  We sponsored an amazing 296 children which brings our overall sponsorship total to 2,150 children!  You can sponsor a child by clicking on the "sponsor a child today" box on the right side of this page.

As part of our Transform mission, we've sent a new Africa Learning Team of five Meeting Housers to Malawi and Kenya during the first two weeks of December. For the first time ever, this team is documenting their experience on video with the purpose of creating high-quality, engaging curriculum for our kids and youth! Also for the first time, this Learning Team is vlogging their journey regularly for you to follow along! Visit The Meeting House YouTube Channel to watch the latest video updates from Africa.

Check out  Why our church cares about Malawi or listen to a podcast by the 2014 Africa Learning Team that went to Malawi to learn more about World Vision's work!

Our sponsorship journey with World Vision began on October 30, 2011, Tony Campolo brought the crowd to its feet at The Meeting House. His challenge was clear: How are you making a difference in someone else’s life? Campolo’s visit marked the beginning of an emerging partnership between The Meeting House and World Vision Canada. After that Sunday, people from The Meeting House sponsored 1,016 children – all in the same community of Mposa, Malawi.  In 2012, we sponsored another 300 children.  In 2013 The Meeting House community sponsored 407 more children.

Our partnership continues to grow as we begin to sponsor children from Chamba (located in the same region of Malawi as Mposa).  We look forward to connecitng ourselves to many more children and families in Malawi through World Vision's sponsorship program.  Our goal this year is to sponsor hundreds of more children!

Click here to see a map of World Vision's Area Development Programs in Malawi.  Mposa and Chamba are located in the south-east part of the country in Machinga District.

How World Vision Works

Ever wondered how World Vision works? Watch this.

In addition to funding life-changing initiatives, part of our Transform goals is to invest relationally – reach out and become personally invested in the lives and hearts of others. Here are three ways you can intentionally connect with your sponsor child:


Prayer is an essential way to support the Mposa and Chamba communities. Pray for the physical and spiritual needs of your sponsor child, their family, the community leaders, and World Vision workers.


Did you know that receiving a simple written letter can be one of the most special days in the life of your sponsored child? World Vision has provided simple and effective ways to build a friendship with your sponsor child and their family.
Click here for more information on writing to your sponsored child
Send an email or photo to your sponsored child by using or create your World Vision account
Here are some tips to writing a great letter to your child and mailing addresses of World Vision offices around the world.


  1. Planning on being in Malawi? Apply to World Vision to spend the day visiting your sponsor child.


Interested in working with World Vision?

Click here to check out their career opportunities page


There are still children in Mposa who need to be sponsored. For about $1 a day, you help provide access to life-saving basics that change their future.

Learn More About Mposa and Chamba

Mailing Address for Mposa and Chamba Communities:

World Vision Malawi
Private Mail Bag 30