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request envelopes or personalized account number

Give with a personalized envelope or get your personalized account number.

Fill out the form to request personalized numbered offering envelopes or personalized account number online which help us to ensure efficient and accurate data entry for official Canadian tax receipts. A package of envelopes will be mailed to your home within a week and every quarter after that or your account number will be emailed back to you. 

Select Yes if you only want your personalized account number for online giving purposes. We will then NOT provide the giving envelopes.
Please enter what other location you are at. Network group? Distance Group?
If you have a spouse and require separate tax receipts, please submit this form twice: once under each person's name.
If your spouse's name is filled in, a Tax receipt will be issued in both names and either spouse can use the receipt for tax purposes.
Please enter phone number and area code with no spaces and no special characters.
Please double check your email address before submitting

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